POD ( Print on Demand ) is called "Print on Demand" (or Print on Demand) in Chinese. It is a publishing model that adapts to small-volume needs. It has been used in book printing for a long time. The equipment used in the early days was a photocopier, and the printing quality was subject to certain limitations. There were also doubts about the shelf life of toner printing. At the same time, only perfect binding could be used, and threading was not possible. The quality was completely incomparable with traditional printing.
With the advancement of science and technology, POD now uses professional printing machines, and the printing materials used are close to ink. The doubts about the shelf life have been greatly reduced (it is said that it can be stored for 99 years, no problem); the paper used is no longer photocopying. Standard cutting paper for machine use ( A4 , B4 , etc.), but roll paper for rotary machines, so you no longer have to use ordinary perfect binding, you can also use threading, and even fine binding is no problem (of course It’s manual work). Therefore, the current POD is already quite close to traditional printing in terms of overall quality. This is also the main reason that prompted us to officially provide this service.

Our company's POD services include the following categories:

1. Native e-books: Originally only e-books were published, but they can also provide readers who are not used to digital reading with the paper version they need; the printing quality of this type of book is almost the same as traditional printing.
2. Out-of-print or out-of-stock books: These types of books are the main targets of POD services. This is a book that readers occasionally ask about but has never been able to supply. We hope to use this service to meet readers' needs. However, because many of these books are early typesetting and do not have electronic files, they must be scanned and then reproduced. Therefore, the quality cannot be compared with new books, but it will be similar to ordinary reprinted books. We will produce the book list one by one and mark it in the book introduction section of the official website ( POD purchase button) for readers to purchase. If readers have individual needs, they can also order by name, and we will give priority to the readers' needs.

POD services also have some restrictions on sales:

1. Production to order: Because it is printed in response to the needs of readers, it requires "payment first before production", which is somewhat similar to pre-ordering a new book (payment can be made by postal transfer or credit card), and returns are generally not accepted. Readers should understand the contents of the book before ordering and make careful decisions.
2. The price is higher: because most of them need to be scanned and reprinted, new production costs will be incurred; and since it is a small-volume printing, there is no diminishing cost effect, which will be appropriately reflected in the selling price.
3. Longer delivery time: General books that are already on the shelves (there is a POD purchase button on the official website) can be shipped seven working days after the order is completed; single books ordered by name are expected to be shipped within two weeks; books ordered in sets, Delivery time is negotiable.