Xintian Culture − Guidelines for Submitting a Publishing Proposal

Suggested publication plans include the following:

  • A brief personal background of the author. If it is a co-author, please provide a brief personal background of all authors (if you have published a book, please indicate the title, publisher, year of publication and book introduction).
  • The purpose, theme and direction of publishing the book.
  • The structure and detailed outline of the book (please list chapter titles and appendices).
  • Several chapters of this book are drafted.
  • Compare it with other books of the same type on the market, and explain in detail the market positioning and demand for the book's publishing plan.
  • What are the features of the book’s publishing plan? Please give some explanation.
  • The intended readers of the book and their reception.
  • Suggested candidates suitable for writing prefaces and introductions to books. If the proposed candidates are not well-known, please briefly describe their background.
  • Estimated word count for the book.
  • Estimated number of photos/pictures in the book.
  • Printing needs, such as design, illustration, typesetting, etc.
  • Budgeted date for completion of first draft and proposed publication time.