Winning potential - legal cases of Chinese enterprises going global

Winning potential - legal cases of Chinese enterprises going global

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Zhao Zhigang

publishing house

Xintian Publishing BOOKOOLA




Social Sciences > Law > Law and Relations between Parties



Publication date

August 2013

language version

Chinese ( Traditional )

Number of pages

152 pages


First Edition



brief introduction:

"Victory" is specially written for senior executives of Chinese companies and those in the middle class and above. The book uses a macro perspective and multiple real cases to explain in simple terms how China's "high net worth" - people with investable assets exceeding RMB 10 million - can effectively allocate their personal assets; and how, as corporate executives, in globalization How to adjust the direction of survival and development under the general trend.

The book covers many areas from personal investment to corporate development, including overseas listings, overseas mergers and acquisitions, shell listings, Hong Kong listings, private equity investment, overseas immigration and asset trusts. As an important international financial center, Hong Kong's demand for financial-related services continues to increase. Among them, Hong Kong's legal services industry plays a very critical role in providing professional services related to domestic investors.

The author, lawyer Zhao Zhigang, not only holds two bachelor's degrees in law from the University of Hong Kong and Peking University. In his nearly 20 years of practice, he has also participated in overseas listings and financings of domestic enterprises, private equity investments, overseas mergers and acquisitions, overseas immigration, etc., so the information in this book With detailed information and essential analysis, it is the best choice for senior executives of mainland enterprises to enter the international market or plan their personal asset allocation.

About the Author:

Zhao Zhigang, a lawyer, has obtained the "Bachelor of Laws" degree from the University of Hong Kong and Peking University and the "Graduate Diploma in Business Law" from the University of Hong Kong.

Mr. Zhao has been practicing in Hong Kong for nearly 20 years and is currently a senior partner of a large Chinese law firm in Hong Kong. His practice scope includes securities and corporate finance (such as company IPOs and listings), company mergers and acquisitions, venture capital fund investments, and information technology. Projects, corporate cross-border investment, overseas immigration, Sino-foreign joint venture projects, company law and commercial law matters. Lawyer Zhao provides services to many companies and multinational enterprises listed in Hong Kong and overseas. He is especially good at assisting domestic enterprises in listing and financing in Hong Kong and overseas (including the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, etc.), financing in the secondary market, and overseas mergers and acquisitions, etc. .

In addition to being a full-time practicing solicitor in Hong Kong, Mr. Zhao is also qualified as a "Solicitor of the Supreme Court" of the United Kingdom, a "China Appointed Notary" appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China, an "Accredited Mediator" of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, and has also served as a Hong Kong Visiting associate professor at the University's School of Professional and Continuing Education. Attorney Zhao is currently a member of the Changchun Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference of the People's Republic of China, Vice Chairman of the World Chinese Association, Secretary General of the Hong Kong Internet Professionals Association, and serves as an independent non-executive director of a listed company. In 2004, Lawyer Zhao Zhigang was included in "Who's Who in Hong Kong SAR" and in 2013, he was selected as "Top Lawyer in Mergers and Acquisitions" by "Asian Legal Magazine".