The governance wisdom of "University" (eBook)
The governance wisdom of "University" (eBook)
The governance wisdom of "University" (eBook)
The governance wisdom of "University" (eBook)
The governance wisdom of "University" (eBook)
The governance wisdom of "University" (eBook)
The governance wisdom of "University" (eBook)
The governance wisdom of "University" (eBook)

The governance wisdom of "University" (eBook)

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Luo Tiansheng

publishing house

Xintian Publishing




Philosophy > Chinese Philosophy > Pre-Qin Philosophy and its Research

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Publication date

July 2015

language version

traditional Chinese

Number of pages

220 pages


First edition/monochrome print/14 x 21 x 2.15 cm

Series / Series

Renewing the past series

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brief introduction:

This book is the first part of the "Becoming New with the Ancient" series. "Becoming New with the Ancient" is to learn from the experience of the past, and "becoming new" is to innovate. "The Great Learning" is one of China's "Four Books" and the introductory classic of Confucianism. It is a textbook for cultivating management talents in ancient times. "The Great Learning" has a complete and clear ideological system, which is based on the "Tao of the Great Learning", the "Three Programs" (explicit virtue, closeness to the people, and the pursuit of perfection) and the "Eight Items" (investigation of things, knowledge, sincerity, righteousness, and self-cultivation). (Organizing the family, governing the country, and bringing peace to the world) as the center, advocating self-cultivation, the way of a gentleman, and perfection, which contains a lot of wisdom.

Governance has become a hot topic in recent years and deserves the attention of executives from public institutions, private institutions and non-governmental organizations. This book briefly introduces the origin, definition, classification and application of the concept of governance, and specifically introduces the definition, theory and importance of corporate governance and public governance. This book hopes to open the door for modern governors to learn Confucianism. Perhaps some readers will eventually become "Confucian entrepreneurs", "scholarly managers" or "scholarly governors" ).

The characteristics of this book are that it annotates the full text of "The Great Learning" in modern plain language, uses simple and easy-to-understand diagrams to explain its ideological system, combines the theories and concepts of modern Western governance, and finally extracts some practical ideas from "The Great Learning" that are applicable to modern society. Governance Wisdom hopes to bring readers a new reading experience.

About the Author:

Luo Tiansheng holds a PhD in Business Administration from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a Master of Business Administration (with distinction) from the City University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Hong Kong. He has been engaged in administrative management work in private enterprises for a long time, and has participated in research in various public policy and education fields in recent years. Currently a university lecturer, teaching public administration and management subjects.

Table of contents:

Preface by Ruan Bo, Preface by Luo Wenqiang, Preface by Deng Shude, Preface 1. Overview of "The Great Learning" 2. The ideological system of "The Great Learning" 3. The governance wisdom of "The Great Learning" 4. The current annotation and translation of "The Great Learning" Chapter 1 The Way of University Chapter 2 Ming Mingde Chapter 3 Xinmin Chapter 4 Stopping at the Perfection Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Studying things to gain knowledge Chapter 7 Sincerity Chapter 8 Cultivation of one’s mind and body Chapter 9 Cultivate Yourself and Manage Your Family Chapter 10 Governing the Country by Governing the Family Chapter 11 Appendix 1 of the main reference books for governing the country and bringing peace to the world Appendix 2 of the original text of "Book of Rites‧University" Cheng Hao's revised version of "The Great Learning"
Appendix 3 Cheng Yi's revised version of "The Great Learning"
Appendix 4 Zhu Xi's revised version of "The Great Learning"
Appendix 5 Zhu Xi's "Great Learning Chapters"
Appendix Six Wang Yangming's "Greater Questions"