Feng Shui in life
Feng Shui in life
Feng Shui in life
Feng Shui in life

Feng Shui in life

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Hu Yanzhao

publishing house

Xintian Publishing BOOKOOLA




Life Encyclopedia > Feng Shui > Feng Shui



Publication date

January 2014

language version

Chinese ( Simplified )

Number of pages

384 pages


first edition



brief introduction:

The most complete understanding of Feng Shui culture starts here;

The most effective use of Feng Shui culture can be mastered from here.
Essentials for understanding Feng Shui, buying a house, decorating a house, decorating a house, moving, and choosing a date

About the Author:

Hu Yanzhao, director of the International Yi-Xue Federation, vice-president of the Chinese Yi-Xue Research Association, vice-president of the New Zealand Yi-Xue Research Institute, deputy director of the Chinese Yi-Xue Cultural Research Institute, and expert of the China Yi-Ching Health Preservation Association, is committed to carrying forward the excellent traditions of the motherland. Culture, adhering to the purpose of benefiting the people, is committed to popularizing and promoting the modernization process of Yi-Xue research. For more than 20 years, it has devoted itself to studying Yi-Xue culture. It has participated in more than ten high-end seminars on Yi-Xue culture at home and abroad, and has been taught by Zhang Daixiang, a contemporary Yi-Xue expert. He has made great achievements in the fields of Yi science and natural science, life science, management science and other fields. He has unique insights and experience in life physiology, business management, architectural planning and policy trends. He has used predictive analysis to solve criminal cases and has been invited to serve as a post at home and abroad. He is a cultural consultant for many enterprises and institutions and publishes papers in national publications every year. His lectures on I Ching prediction training, Yixue Feng Shui culture lectures, I Ching and ecology, I Ching and life, I Ching and health preservation, etc. have aroused the interest of people from all walks of life. The response has been enthusiastic, and he often participates in urban planning and design of local government departments. He has made great achievements in forecasting, surveying, and health preservation. Among them, "Lectures on Humanistic Feng Shui" is praised as a classic, and he has published the book "Yi Jing Health Preservation", which has profound theoretical knowledge. The foundation and planning practice have received much attention and praise from all parties.