My teacher with eyes, Huang Chunliang
My teacher with eyes, Huang Chunliang
My teacher with eyes, Huang Chunliang
My teacher with eyes, Huang Chunliang
My teacher with eyes, Huang Chunliang

My teacher with eyes, Huang Chunliang

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Ouyang Jianwen

publishing house

Xintian Publishing BOOKOOLA




Biography > Biography of Sports Figures



Publication date

January 2019

language version

Chinese ( Traditional )




brief introduction:

The author hopes that through the text, boxers who are determined to study Huang Chunliang's martial arts can have a good understanding of the true identity and martial arts of the late master.

The author takes the martial arts life of his master Huang Chunliang as the main body, supplemented by the recollections collected from people who interacted with the master at different stages in his martial arts career over the years. He hopes to be able to relatively objectively describe the martial arts handed down by Grandmaster Huang Chunliang. The process from germination to completion is well presented in front of readers.

The author openly believes that the Wing Chun system passed down by his ancestors is very suitable for the requirements of internal martial arts, and has successfully implanted the seeds of internal martial arts into this system. It only takes time to accumulate experience in training and application. Make this Fajin system operate more maturely.


In the passing years of martial arts, three characters with similar backgrounds were arranged by chance, and they bumped into each other in Hong Kong.

The world-renowned kung fu superstar Bruce Lee is well known for his apprenticeship, Grandmaster Ip Man. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular brands in blockbuster movies.

However, the two stars in the martial arts circle support each other and complement each other. There is actually a Wing Chun giant who has pushed for this, and it is none other than Huang Chunliang. In those days, when people were discussing martial arts, they were able to sit in the middle of the table and talk about it, but they didn't seem to be making a fuss about it. This man must have had extraordinary experiences.

About the Author:

Au Yeung Kim Man (Sifu Cliff), he began to practice Wing Chun in 1981 with his master Wong Chun Leung, and went to Europe with him in 1990 and 1992 Lecture. When Grandmaster Huang Chunliang taught martial arts to foreign students, Ouyang Jianwen was often Grandmaster Huang's main translator. After Grandmaster Huang's journey to immortality, he spent a year of consideration and preparation, and finally decided to officially set up a school to teach disciples in April 1999. It has been more than twenty years since he followed Grandmaster Huang. In 2009, Master Ouyang served as the Wing Chun consultant for the movie "Ip Man II". He mainly interacted with the action director Mr. Sammo Hung and his stunt people. At the same time, he taught the second protagonist - Huang Xiaoming Wing Chun skills; and worked with the first protagonist - Donnie Yen. Study the feasibility of certain Wing Chun movements on camera.