Concession! Concession! — Weihaiwei under Mizi
Concession! Concession! — Weihaiwei under Mizi
Concession! Concession! — Weihaiwei under Mizi
Concession! Concession! — Weihaiwei under Mizi
Concession! Concession! — Weihaiwei under Mizi
Concession! Concession! — Weihaiwei under Mizi

Concession! Concession! — Weihaiwei under Mizi

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Xu Chenglun

publishing house

Xintian Publishing BOOKOOLA




Literature > Chinese Literature > Chinese literature in various genres



Publication date

January 2014

language version

Chinese ( Traditional )

Number of pages

434 pages


First Edition



brief introduction:

"Concession!" Concession! 》With a rational and critical attitude, courageous exploration, and profound perspective, it reveals the true and objective history of the 32 years of the British occupation of Weihaiwei ( 1898-1930 ) - a civilization with universal values ​​that does not distinguish between countries and ethnic groups . , region, is the common acceptance, common yearning, common creation and common pursuit of mankind.

The novel takes Weihaiwei Dacong Mansion and the country hot spring manor as the platform, and creates vivid characters such as the master "Mr.", Hua'er, the young master, and the young lady. The fission and ups and downs of their fate have painted pictures of the Weihaiwei Concession that are magnificent, soul-stirring, shocking, lingering and decisive, ecstatic, bone-crushing, and reborn from the ashes...

The famous Su Confucian squire "respected the king and resisted the barbarians", he spared his wealth to form a team to fight against the British, and stained the grass and trees with blood to discourage the vengeful people from bleeding; the west wind blew away, and the Su Confucians were guilt-ridden and trapped, both cooperating and resisting...

The second young master was injured when he charged into battle against the British; his paradoxical luck allowed him to enter the government and prosper; fate finally allowed him to see through fate and return to Buddhism...

The adopted daughter Hua'er is smart and beautiful, and her unforgettable crush on her husband turns her into a flower demon; God's redemption turns her into a nun...

The third lady shocked the world by divorcing her husband, and shockingly remarried a British businessman; when the situation in Weihaiwei changed again, she followed her husband and their children to a foreign country...

The eldest young master fought openly and secretly to take over the family business; when the family business fell to him, he fell into loneliness and despair...

The young Third Young Master became a life-saving living Bodhisattva in order to prevent the vengeful people from flowing into a river of blood. After returning from Western studies, he resolutely joined the government of the Republic of China and fought for the recovery of the Weihaiwei Concession...

Johnston was obsessed with traditional Chinese culture and became the first and last foreigner to hold the title of Imperial Master. When he returned to the Weihaiwei Concession as chief executive, he "already fell in love with everything here"...

This is the first novel in China that reveals the true history and fate of the characters in the Weihaiwei Concession.

The whole work is magnificent, and the poetic language creates a character with a unique personality and vivid soul, reproducing the true history of Weihaiwei in the concession; it has a strong impact, is shocking, and is more thought-provoking.

About the Author:

Xu Chenglun, male, is from Wendeng City. Member of the Chinese Writers Association, national first-level writer, director of the Shandong Writers Association, and vice chairman of the Weihai Writers Association. Works in Weihai Literary Creation Research Office. The major literary, film and television works published, published, and filmed over the years are about three million words. Published more than 50 short stories, essays, and reportages. "Selected Novels" has selected his novels; published more than 20 novellas in large publications such as "October"; published novels: "Earth Soul" and "Nie Xiaoqian". The novella "Veterinary Webmaster" was adapted by me into a movie script "Webmaster's Troubles", which was jointly produced by CCTV Movie Channel and Shanxi Film Studio as a color feature film. Novels and other literary works have won many awards.