Michelle's Adventures
Michelle's Adventures
Michelle's Adventures
Michelle's Adventures
Michelle's Adventures

Michelle's Adventures

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Zhu Kaiting

publishing house

Xintian Publishing BOOKOOLA




Children's Books > Others



Publication date

July 2011

language version

Chinese ( Traditional )



brief introduction:

This book uses stories in Chinese and English to train children's bilingualism so that they can master these two languages ​​that are widely used today. The story narration in this book will further improve their comprehensive comprehension skills of listening and reading. Research shows that children learn new languages ​​more easily as they grow. At the same time, an interesting storyline plays a very important role in the process of learning two different languages. Therefore, we should cultivate high-quality children in this way. All proceeds from this book will be donated to the Hong Kong Cancer Foundation. Please enjoy reading!

This main purpose for this book is to train more bilingual children with the narration in both English and Chinese, two of the most widely spoken language today. With this book, during storytelling, it can further enhance their listening and reading comprehension skills. As research shows, children are more capable of learning new languages ​​during development. Also, an interesting storyline plays a very important role in learning two different languages ​​at the same time. Therefore, we should take advantage of this in order to produce higher-level kids. Also, all profits from selling this book go to the Hong Kong Cancel Fund. Enjoy!


Professor Chen Mingyao, Center for East Asian Studies, Stanford University, USA

For a talented young man aged seventeen, ten years is a long time. In the past ten years, Zhu Kaiting has devoted herself to painting and furthering Western art courses. When she was young, her family arranged for her to be exposed to various different She did not hesitate to choose painting among the visual arts as a cultural interest project, and gave up the pursuit of other arts such as ballet and piano. In fact, painting has been an important part of Kai Ting's life since she was seven years old.

Painting gives Kai Ting great joy and fun. It is also an interface for unleashing her artistic potential and communicating with others. Painting allows her to express her creativity, remember her impressions and touches of external things, and share her feelings with others through the distinctive images she depicts. Painting also allows her to effectively send out her message and consciousness, thereby gaining responses and repercussions. Precisely because painting provides Kai Ting with potential opportunities for dialogue with viewers, her paintings have become a very flexible interactive tool, allowing her to transcend language and cultural boundaries and communicate with the outside world. Her paintings allow Kai Ting to connect with the world and care about the world.

Through the collection of twenty-two cartoons with bilingual explanations in Chinese and English in this exquisite booklet, Kai Ting takes the painters and readers on a visual art journey to explore the world she depicts, including her opinions, scenes and scenes. Wishing, and responding to the people and things around you, this is a wonderful journey not to be missed.

To a talented young person of seventeen, a decade seems a lengthy span. This is how long Michele has devoted herself to painting with an uninterrupted weekly Western art class. Among the array of cultural enrichments and extra-curricular interests that her family offered her, Michelle has embraced from the start without any reservation visual arts, especially painting while letting go of ballet and piano. Indeed, painting has been a vital part of her life since age seven.

To Michele, painting is a great joy, a genuine pleasure as much as an artistic fulfillment and a communicative necessity. Because it affords her an effective outlet to express herself, record her impressions, preserve her sentiments, and above all, share her feelings with others, those around her and many further afar. Through the images that she creates, painting enables Michele to convey messages with meanings and purposes that will trigger responses and echoes. Aiming at initiating dialogues with viewers, her drawings serve Michelle well as a versatile interactive outreach instrument across languages ​​and cultures. In fact, they help to engage her with the world and bring the world closer to her.