A low-key expert in the stock market
A low-key expert in the stock market
A low-key expert in the stock market
A low-key expert in the stock market
A low-key expert in the stock market
A low-key expert in the stock market
A low-key expert in the stock market
A low-key expert in the stock market
A low-key expert in the stock market

A low-key expert in the stock market

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Xintian Publishing BOOKOOLA




Finance & Business > Investment > Stock Investment




Yang Yuchuan, Li Jiaqian, Liang Shaoming, Wang Liqi, He Weiliang, Cai Qingwei

Publication date

July 2018

language version

Chinese ( Traditional )



Series / Series

Daosui Finance Series

brief introduction:

Stock market experts always keep a low profile and sneak around

The highlight of this book is that several comrades in the stock market who have the habit of writing blogs will share their investment equations in the book. The traps and landmines they have encountered in their investment careers are all real examples around you and me. Readers may resonate with it while reading it, or they may avoid a major loss.

One thing these comrades in the stock market have in common is that they are all low-key. The mature ears of rice in the rice fields are drooping, and the branches of the fruit-bearing branches are curved downwards. The proverb goes: "The fuller the ears of rice, the lower their heads." What's more, the plump rice ears are heavier and the rice stalks will bend downward; conversely, the immature rice ears are very light and the rice stalks will be straight.

This proverb is also a metaphor: the more unexpected people are, the more confident they are, and they are often as humble as a full ear of rice, and usually do not show off their mountains and rivers; on the contrary, the less expected people always hold their heads high, like immature people. It seems like the whole world revolves around him.

Experts in the stock market always keep a low profile and like to make a fortune in silence. It is best to have a bunch of shields in front of them. As for those who talk about doing deals and talk about making millions every minute, how many will there be in the end? Who will have the last laugh? How many real masters will there be? Ask them where they live and how many properties they own. There are six authors of this book, including: an economist holding a crystal ball, a trend believer who loves to make money in a whirlwind way, a bank manager who masters stocks that have doubled, an independent financial planner who has just started, a fund manager who is a sideline boxer, and a dedicated The small investors of TMT have described their own investment methods and stock selection ideas in their respective articles, hoping to be helpful to readers.

About the Author:

  • Yang Yuchuan (George), chief macroeconomist and CEO of BGI Securities. He once served as CEO of Sunshine Boda Financial Group and executive director of listed company Century Sunshine (509), etc. He has a deep understanding of pre-IPO investment, secondary market investment and the operation of listed companies.
  • Li Jiaqian (Himson), business director of a Chinese securities firm. He has been involved in the Hong Kong stock market for more than 20 years. Among the 2,000 Hong Kong stocks, he has speculated on nearly half of them, including old stocks, junk stocks, and even delisted stocks. He calls himself a stock market weirdo. I have enjoyed the joy of making money in a whirlwind, and I have also tasted the taste of losing money in a flash, but I still happily chase the waves in the stock market.
  • Liang Shaoming (Lawrence), Daosui columnist and independent stock commentator, serves as the general manager of Wanshixing Property. Engaged in overseas real estate, financial investment and business development industries. He is keen on tracking hidden news hot spots, studies chart trends every day, and likes to discover stocks with explosive potential that can double their value.

  • Licky is a Hong Kong financial columnist, freelance writer, and independent financial planner. Formerly a financial journalist, now studying for CFA. The ideal in life is to make the most profitable transactions, write the most brilliant articles, and become the simplest person.
  • Shawn He, from an athlete to a fund manager, from an unknown boy to a professional player in the investment world step by step. Shawn is also a lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he teaches in the Department of Sports Science. His research direction is athlete psychology - "To win against others, you must first win against yourself."

  • Cai Qingwei (Tony) , Hong Kong financial columnist and investor. He is currently the director of the financial department of Hong Kong Commercial Daily. Tony prefers philosophy and thinking, and has focused on the TMT field in recent years. In his 20-year investment career, he has always been diligently looking for the winning formula.

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