The power of language. "Fifty Lessons from Jesus"
The power of language. "Fifty Lessons from Jesus"
The power of language. "Fifty Lessons from Jesus"
The power of language. "Fifty Lessons from Jesus"
The power of language. "Fifty Lessons from Jesus"
The power of language. "Fifty Lessons from Jesus"

The power of language. "Fifty Lessons from Jesus"

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Liao Xiangkun

publishing house

Xintian Publishing BOOKOOLA




Psychology > Psychological Inspiration > Speaking Skills



Publication date

April 2019

language version

Chinese ( Traditional )



brief introduction:

Life is like a battlefield, full of dangers and opportunities. Whether you are a salesman, lawyer, publicist, negotiator, politician, or even teacher, if you want to get ahead, you rely on the sharp weapon of eloquence.


Gandhi, Socrates, Confucius, Caesar, Jesus, Buddha, Mao Zedong, JFK, Reagan, etc. are all outstanding leaders. If we want to find one thing in common among these leaders, it is that they all have excellent "eloquence."

Jesus in the Four Gospels uses short but persuasive speeches and superb language skills to spread his thoughts and wisdom. From ancient times to the present, perhaps no leader can be as "eloquent" as Jesus. His famous sayings, aphorisms, parables and stories are all excellent materials for eloquence training.

When talking about Jesus, there are always various opinions. There are countless books about the life and deeds of Jesus. Many different versions of "The Life of Jesus" have also appeared in movies, but these are not the purpose of this book. The main purpose of this book is to study "What did Jesus say?" The purpose is to explore the strategies, techniques and methods of Jesus' speaking, as a guiding light on the road to success.

In a globalized competitive environment, business organizations must constantly innovate in order to survive. To turn a mediocre organization into an outstanding organization, to turn crises into opportunities, and to turn visions into facts, it depends not on theoretical formulas but on leadership.

Leadership is the ability to persuade and inspire others to effect change. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of any leader, senior manager or manager is to lead and convince his or her employees to implement change. What is needed to persuade employees to make changes is "eloquence."

"Eloquence" is the use of language to explain skills and wisdom. A wise person may not be eloquent, because what he wants to say in his heart may not be expressed in his mouth. However, a person with eloquence must be wise. A person with slow and chaotic thinking will never be able to express his thoughts clearly and coherently. Therefore, eloquence is a combination of rhetorical skills and wisdom.

The purpose of this book is not to preach, nor does it need to be based on religious beliefs when reading. I am not a theologian or clergyman, but my credentials include professor, consultant, author, speaker, and administrator.

In recent years, there have been a large number of books introducing the "Life of Jesus". Most of them are missionary, thus dividing readers and ignoring the study of Jesus' eloquence. Therefore, this book is one of the few that interprets Jesus' words from the perspective of "eloquence". It is hoped that ordinary readers can learn from Jesus' examples of eloquence and the speaking skills that turned danger into safety, whether they are Christians or non-Christians. If you can benefit from this book and embark on the road to success with your eloquence, it will be my great joy. This is the preface.