Jin Yong's Novels and Literature
Jin Yong's Novels and Literature
Jin Yong's Novels and Literature
Jin Yong's Novels and Literature
Jin Yong's Novels and Literature
Jin Yong's Novels and Literature

Jin Yong's Novels and Literature

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Yang Xing'an

publishing house

Xintian Publishing BOOKOOLA




Literature > Literary Theory > Literary Criticism Theory



Publication date

July 2011

language version

Chinese ( Traditional )



brief introduction:

Jin Yong's novels have had a great impact on Chinese society in recent decades. The value of his works has aroused intense discussions and debates in culture and academia, with conflicting attitudes that are unprecedented among writers. The resonance of Jin Yong's novels has a wide range of shocks and has been deeply rooted in people's hearts for a long time, which illustrates the value of studying Jin Yong's novels. This article explores Jin Yong's novels from a macro perspective and makes an overall evaluation of the novels. In addition to reading Jin Yong's novels from the perspective of a researcher and appreciator, the author also explores Jin Yong's creations from the perspective of a writer's writing. This is the most different from many discussions of Jin Yong's works.

Martial arts novels are indeed an important branch of Chinese novels. They not only tell stories of fighting for supremacy, but also contain many elements of emotion. They can actually reflect Chinese society and its humanistic spirit. This article analyzes Jin Yong's writing viewpoints and creative techniques, explores the author's creative environment and mentality, and the spirit of Chinese civilization contained in his works, which contributed to his outstanding achievements.

Jin Yong's novels are influenced by traditional Chinese novels and also draw lessons from novels of the Song and Ming Dynasties, but not as much as the novels of the Tang Dynasty. Secondly, it was influenced by modern martial arts novels such as Gong Baiyu and Huanzhu Louzhu, which were all the rage in the early years of the Republic of China. Jin Yong captured the strengths of hundreds of schools of thought and melted them into one. Jin Yong wrote martial arts novels without any intention. Because I work in a newspaper office, I write for convenience. Of course, he also wrote in response to market demand. At that time, Hong Kong was not like mainland China and Taiwan, which banned martial arts novels. Jin Yong could write freely as he pleased.


A tribute to the Hong Kong literary giant - Jin Yong: Shooting Condors and Zhang Gong, the literary world has been glorious for centuries, and its name is painted gold. The readers who compete with each other are still all over the country, regardless of the virtuous and mediocre. A rare literary monograph that comprehensively discusses Jin Yong's martial arts novels in recent years calls for the next wave of Jin Yong's martial arts craze.

About the Author:

Dr. Yang Xingan was born and raised in Hong Kong. After graduating from Clementi Secondary School, he immediately entered Luo Fu Quoc College of Education and taught after graduation. Later, he enrolled in the Department of Chinese History and Literature of the University of East Asia in Macau and received a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts. His master's thesis was supervised by Professor Luo Kanglie and focused on novels of the Tang Dynasty. Later, he studied at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou and received a doctorate in literature.

Yang has been engaged in cultural work for many years. He has taught in primary schools, secondary schools, universities and adult professional courses in Hong Kong. In the 1980s, he served as senior editor of Ming Pao Monthly and secretary to Ming Pao President Cha Liangyong. In the 1990s, he served as the Chinese secretary of Cheung Kong Holdings, responsible for Chairman Li Ka-shing's documents and reviewing the group's important official affairs in Chinese. In 1998, he became a tutor at the Open University of Hong Kong and the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has also taught various Chinese courses for major organizations in Hong Kong: such as the Government Civil Service Training and Development Institute, Hong Kong Housing Department, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, China Construction Bank, University of Macau, etc.

Yang Xing'an loves art and literature, and was interested in painting and art design in his early years. In 1975 , he was selected for the Royal Gallery of Art Exhibition in London, England, and wrote "Elementary Art Learning". He began to lean towards writing in the 1980s, and won the Boyi Novel Essay Competition in 1984 . Yang has been writing non-stop for many years in his spare time, and has published many types of works, including "The World in Jin Yong's Pen", "Ten Discussions on Jin Yong's Novels", "Modern Letters", "Rolling Prose", "Love on the Willow Bank", "The Female Swordsman Abandoned Her Husband" "Killing a Son", "The Best Gift", "A First Look at Classical Poetry", "Appreciation of Middle School Compositions and Prose" and "Taiping Guangji Heroic Novels". In 2010, he published "Yang Quyun's Family Biography" co-authored with his father. All are available in major public libraries in Hong Kong.

Yang Xing'an loves drama creation. In the 1970s, he was selected for the Stage Script Writing Award sponsored by the Hong Kong Urban Council. In the early 1980s, he worked as a screenwriter for TVB. In 1982, he created the stage play "The Best Gift", which was performed by Chung Ying Theater Company in the Arts Centre, Landmark Plaza, Cityplaza and major secondary schools for over 100 performances. Author of the stage play "The Best Gift". In 2009, he created the stage play "The Unnamed Monument", which depicts the deeds of Yang Quyun, the leader of the Overthrowing the Manchu Revolutionary Organization to Revive China, and it was performed by Zhiqun Drama Company at the Hong Kong Cultural Center Theatre.

Yang has participated in many cultural activities and was invited to attend lectures as a guest speaker. Including Baptist University, Hong Kong Central Library, Hyde Park Forum, Hong Kong Book Fair, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, etc. He has also been invited by Peking University, Hangzhou University, Yunnan Dali Municipal Government, and Jiaxing Municipal Government to give seminars and lectures.

Yang Xingan is currently the president of the Hong Kong Novel Society and a permanent member of the Hong Kong Writers Association and the Hong Kong Writers Association.